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Search Result Engineering

Having bad news on the first page of Google search results is like having bad news on the front page of the newspaper. But unlike a newspaper that changes every day, your search results won’t change unless you do something about it. We can help.

According to an AOL study, 89% of Google searchers never make it past Page 1 for a given search. Our team of talented Search Engineers uses proprietary technology and industry best practices to push down negative, inaccurate information, and push up accurate information onto Page 1 of Google. We’ll provide you with monthly updates to track our progress.
Our end goal is to help you look your absolute best in search results.

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Public Relations

The rules of public relations have changed with the rise of the internet. Most PR firms haven’t. We provide communications strategies and media relations to help our clients communicate with key stakeholders. Our “digital first” PR professionals have deep relationships with journalists and bloggers across a variety of industries. We help you engage audiences with compelling content to create emotional experiences that drive participation and sales. Whether you want to roll out a new product, manage a politician’s image, or just increase your general media footprint, we offer creative solutions tailored to your needs.

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Google Image Curation

People form opinions within three seconds of seeing a person’s picture online. Research has shown that a large part of the message that you communicate is visual. Given these facts, the image you project influences people’s perception of you. We can control which images of you or your company appear in the top spots in Google search results. Whether that means removing unflattering photos, or promoting positive photos is up to you.

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Crisis Response

Our team has assisted Fortune 100 and 500 companies and public figures in response to crisis situations. It’s not enough to just manage traditional media in the face of a crisis.

Now, the way you respond online is just as important. We can help you minimize the collateral damage brought upon your online identity during and after a crisis. And even if you’re not managing a crisis, we can help you put together a fast-action plan for when a crisis occurs.

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Executive Image Management

Your public image matters. Our team provides strategic advice and tactical execution to professional athletes, candidates for public office, celebrities, and individuals facing complex financial, marketing, branding, media, legal, and image challenges.

Our team has also provided high-level strategic and public relations counsel for various candidates for President, Governor, Senate, Congressional and Mayoral offices. We help you manage both your online and offline image seamlessly.

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Content Marketing

We create custom content marketing strategies and execute campaigns for businesses, political campaigns, and public figures. We recognize you’re unique. And every campaign and online community is different. We’ll make sure to craft a campaign that galvanizes you as a leader in your field.

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